all babies should know the love of a mother.

at 4a, when i’m nursing little harper and i can hear ezra beginning to cry in his crib, and i know jones will be up by 6:30, adding to my family doesn’t sound like such a fun idea.  all i want to do is sleep, and the idea of being “done” with babies and nighttime feedings and diapers is quite attractive.

but i only need see a photo of some baby, some child, and the curve of their cheek or the unbelievable tininess of their fingers strikes me like lightning — there is nothing more important!  i feel certain of it in that moment.

and i know i will have more.  i want to have more.  my own or someone else’s, i will mother them, whoever they are.

i only wish it weren’t so taxing.  but deep down, i know that is a sacred and essential part of the blessing, as well.

2 thoughts on “more.

  1. totally totally understand what you mean! and i love the park therapy- ever since moving we have done a new park or pool or splash pad everyday! it’s been awesome! the kids are out at 7pm and actually sleep in.. it’s crazy what heat and water do to ya!
    wish we could have our kids play together 🙂 maybe some day!

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