rainy day walk.

after nearly four days of rain and wind, the most recent typhoon has passed through shizuoka, and we are enjoying some glorious weather — beautifully sunny with a cool breeze.  lots of green around me, with a sky like turquoise.  fresh air, fresh air!

before all this loveliness, however, ezra and i (and harper, too — though when a baby is worn so much by her mama, its easy to forget she’s around) took a walk in a muggy lull between downpours and snapped pictures to be thankful.  thank you for this drop of rain.  thank you for that yellow raincoat.  thank you that we aren’t stuck inside at the moment.  thank you for legs to take a walk! (gratitude really is seriously changing. my. days.)

behold, the fruit of our venture. 🙂

starting out, paci in tow.

and here are my feet.

kanji on the street.

walking a familiar road.

nothing too small...






cutting through it.

taking a break.

old water fountain.


just passing through.

lungs. (weird.)


and chillin again.

my feet... at the park.

buying cigarettes on the way home, in the land where anything comes in a vending machine. and, of course, the machine talks to you.

"my boots hurt."


my once-white wreath turning black, evidence of living in the humid seaside.

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