life with monkeys.

while harper naps, the boys are in the playroom jumping from the bunk bed onto a pile of blankets and yelling “yamenai! yamenai!” to each other (basically, “i won’t stop! i won’t stop!”).

the perfect time to blog, don’t you think?

yeah, i thought so too. (now, how many times do you think i’ll run in and out of the room from this point forward? i’ll take a count and tell you at the end.)

from the last post, perhaps you could tell that i feel as if i’m hanging on to the scraps of sanity by my fingernails. sometimes i think this must be totally normal for moms with small children, especially when two of them are born close together (ez and harper are 19 months apart). other times, i honestly wonder.  i’m in the midst of weighing through those things with bryan, deciding what needs to be done.

(cue screaming from the other room.)

when i found out i was pregnant with harper, baby number three, i think i underestimated the toll it would take on me to be pregnant/breastfeeding/pregnant again/breastfeeding again without a little break.  the hormones all over the place, the sleeplessness (ezra is just now sleeping through the night regularly, at two years old), the physical demands of caring for a toddler and newborn — i feel in over my head.  my house is getting messier, my meals are becoming simpler, and i’m finding it difficult to stop my whirling thoughts, even when i’m totally alone.

and now i have to go take these monkeys outside.  ezra is about to climb and grab the camera on top of the screen while i type.  bad bad bad.

so i only left the room three times — less than expected — but i had a crying two-year-old come to me on his own twice.

ps – sommer asked for pictures in a comment to the last post — its been a while, hasn’t it? i’ll do what i can 😉

5 thoughts on “life with monkeys.

  1. jame- you are SO normal girl! i feel that too- the other day i just emailed my wiser older mom friends- and said “just tell me i’m normal… i feel like an awful mom.. did you ever feel that way?” they all answered yet- I know some times it sounds trite- but really it’s SO just a season. I have to say once the twins turned 4 life got easier. now they are 5 and i’m homeschooling 🙂 and seriously they are amazing to be around. stay consistent with your discipline, in love and in grace, and really things will be easier soon. not that we want easier but maybe a few more breaks huh! 🙂
    love you friend

  2. EAGERLY awaiting the pictures:) I can so relate to what you are saying…it’s been a while since I had little little ones..can you believe Gracia is almost 9 1/2, Tula 6 1/2, and Scout almost 4? We just found out we are expecting..only 11 weeks. I feel like I’m eating up all your words and taking them to heart. Feels like i’ve never ridden in this rodeo and i’m like WAY older now.

  3. I smile as I read this, and have absolutely no advice. I am smiling because I remember the craziness fondly, knowing it will all be over soon. That is all. 🙂

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