when God speaks.

something big happened today.  God spoke to me for the first time in a really long time.  and i long to write about it, with poetic and pretty words.  but this is about all i have:

today, God spoke to me.  He told me that during those five years i remember so well, He knew where it was all going to lead and i wasn’t guilty after all.  it was great.  the end.

wow.  i still can’t believe that even after one of the best days EVER (and i REALLY mean that — God smashed some serious walls for me today), i STILL have zero inspiration for writing.  i hate this phase. i really, really do.

and then there are times when i wonder if my fuzzy-brain is (and always will be) a by-product of life in another land, where too much energy is spent on reading signs and making small talk.  i peruse the blogs of people who are inspired.  and they read books, lots of them, despite the fact that they have small children.  and i question, “am i really a writer? why does life have to take so much out of me?”

today, after my meeting with God, i sat on a floor cushion and listened to andrew peterson’s “behold the lamb of God”.  i touched bryan’s leg and let my mind rest on the brave little boy who made Himself nothing on my behalf.   i feel as if i’m being made into nothing.  i hope He will fill me up soon.


One thought on “when God speaks.

  1. I wish I knew the context/work it came from, but I stumbled across a Luther quote long ago: “God created the world out of nothing; so long as long as we are nothing he can make something out of us.”

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