christmas nostalgia.

:i miss me some snow. i’m plenty cold without it, mind you. (49F in my room last night!) but it’s so pretty.

:i want to be at my mama’s house, curled up on her couch with her, pretty things around us, watching an afternoon movie and thinking about what yummy food we’ll eat that night. (miss you, mama!) (for those of you who don’t know, my mom’s house is like a life-size pinterest board. seriously.)

:i want to be at my grandma J’s, eating my aunt’s chocolate covered peanut butter balls.  i made them here last year, but they’re a little too involved for life with two boys and a baby. (SAD.) maybe next year.

:i miss my grandpa and his hugs. getting my fix will have to wait til heaven, though!

i am so very glad for my amazing wonderful friends (ebbers and dodds, woop woop!) who will be traveling this way to fill up our house and make merry with us for Christmas — it makes missing home better!

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