these are the days, take two.

it was so incredibly refreshing yesterday for me to write those honest shorts about my life, i was thinking in “these are the days of..” statements all day long.  here are more.  i think i would be happy to do this more.  reality in 2012.

these are the days of a toddler screaming bloody murder from his high chair.

these are the days of collapsing on the couch after bedtime and renting another itunes movie, even though i said yesterday’s would be the last.

these are the days of dinner dishes in the sink until lunch the next day.

these are the days of wearing my ugly robe, even though its ugly.

these are the days of struggling against guilt and exhaustion.

these are the days of “just five more minutes” of the boys favorite tv show, and “just five more minutes” of mommy’s much needed nap.

these are the days of struggling over education decisions, feeling completely uncertain, and wondering every day if we should be doing something differently.

these are the days of learning to depend on each other in marriage.

these are the days of boys pushing each other over, every chance they get, and me ignoring some of it.

these are the days of tag-team parenting, taking turns sleeping in and overseeing the crazy.

these are the days of kicking, screaming, punching one minute, and playing quietly side-by-side the next.

these are the days of bad home-done haircuts.

these are the days of jones saying something five times before i actually hear him.

these are the days of me saying something five times before jones actually hears me.

these are the days where a few moments of extreme cuteness is almost enough to bring me up out of the fog of tiredness.  almost.

4 thoughts on “these are the days, take two.

  1. love love LOVE this! Love this!! I think I may have to do one of these myself!! Hang in there sister! You’ll be missing even the horrible “these are the days” one day. And as a good friend put it, “God is even in the mundane.” I’ll be praying you find Him even in the 5 minutes of napping, cleaning up juice spills or watching itunes movies. (I’ve never rented itunes movies except when I was in Japan) ha ha

  2. Oh Jamie. I pray for you and myself in the same breath. Life is hard, and I feel guilty for thinking it’s hard. Though I’m not dealing with an illness or a terrible tragedy, I have three kids under 5 and I feel overwhelmed. My head is just above water. I’m so thankful for our faith-to cradle ourselves in God’s arms after we’ve cradled 4 kids–the big boys count too, right? Speaking to God through sighs of exhaustion after asking, telling, reprimanding, and yelling at our little boys. How does He have so much patience for us? Thank you for your honesty.
    A fellow referee,

    • Jamie I love your post just remember that these days will pass much too quickly so take a break and enjoy every minute because this sseason will pass way to fast. Get some rest whenever yu get a chance dishes and dust will wait for anouther day. love and miss you lots.

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