listening to josh garrells, “love & war & the sea in between” and being healed by music. (“farther along” and “ulysses” are my faves.)

resting every weekend, all weekend. literally not leaving the house. (i left once, for twenty minutes, on saturday night for groceries.) and why didn’t i start this sooner?

learning to play the ukelele.  one self-taught lesson under my belt. (#bucketlist)

drinking decaf.

hoping to make an apple pie this week, but haven’t compiled enough desire to actually roll out the crusts yet. (more than enough desire to eat it, though.)

getting a new hairstyle every time i shower. sometimes its straight, sometimes its wavy.  what gives?

wanting more of God. oh, how i want more of God.

learning what it means to have real relationship with God, to listen in prayer, to essentially do things i thought were too “out there” to actually mean something to my experience of God. i must say, i’m relieved that it isn’t too “out there” that i might commune with Him – like actually feel His presence – on a daily basis. hoping that is where He is taking me.


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