In 15 minutes, my quiet snack-and-TV break will be over.

In about an hour, the storm that’s rumbling in the distance will finally hit our home.

In one day, we will be saying goodbye to those dear to us here in Japan.

In two days, we will be on a plane, flying to America.

In three (or four?), we will be be hugging and  family in Nebraska.

In a little over a week, my mom will get married and my baby girl will turn ONE.

I long to write poised and prepared essays on the length of my baby girl’s legs, or how her hair is starting to curl in the back and her face is losing that baby quality.  I’ve thought often to sit and type about how leaving helps you remember why you want to be somewhere in the first place, and people come out of the woodwork to love on you and tell you you’re special and say they will miss you.  I’m practically exploding with thoughts on the life of the mind and self-centeredness and church and emotions and living cross-culturally.  All these things are waiting in the wings.  For now, I am doing the next thing, and thinking how strange it will be to see wide roads and huge lawns again, and feeling eager to open up a new chapter.  For now, living is coming first, and life is too full to write. A sad truth, but I’m sure the ripe time will come soon enough.

For some, I will see you soon!

One thought on “intervals.

  1. Cannot wait to see you, dear family! God be with your travels and your transition. The Moores are waiting with arms wide open.

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