a prayer for leaving home.

Lord, bless our friends while we are gone.
Watch over them, keep them, be with them in our stead, as when we are present.
Make the rice grow and turn yellow and be harvested in abundance, like every year.
You are in charge of all things.
You ordain all our comings and goings.
Give peace as we leave this, the place that has become home.

a prayer for coming home.

Lord, soon we will see them, the faces of those we have loved and left.
Soon, we will be among them!
Prepare the way, stay our trembling hands.
You are good and provide in abundance.
You give cause for thankfulness in all things.
Help us remember, as we go home to the unfamiliar familiar.


Taking Psalm 68:19 and gratitude as our travel companions. Hopeful, and ready!

“Blessed be the LORD, who daily bears us up; God is our salvation!”

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