A month since my last post. A month of reverse culture shock and English and playdates and diagnoses and crying and pills and kindergarten registration and the pool. It has been utterly strange how normal it feels to be here, the place I was worried I would only feel out-of-place in: America.

Once again, no time for writing, just living. Big living, with big thoughts. I feel like I’m in a long recovery period, moving out of a cloud into the clearing, putting on glasses to see outlines of mountains and trees I just couldn’t notice before. All the change, external and internal, has a rather silencing affect. Cannot process what has not happened, so I guess I’m just waiting for it all to happen.

I am calm in the waiting, but I am much more eager to look back on this phase and see it fully and give thanks. I cannot say when I will write more regularly, but I know it’s in my future.

3 thoughts on “Adjustment.

  1. Jamie, I really appreciate your raw, honest writing style love. So glad you are back. Would be so blessed to reconnect when time allows. peace, love, tears and hope.>>>

  2. So glad you are taking time to “live” … how easily we forget to do such a simple thing. I am really praying for your time to recover and rest and regroup in your heart, soul and within your family! All my love!

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