i’ve been hiding in my thoughts.


the view from my new quiet space, looking toward the ocean.

friends. its been so long! after four months in america, i had almost forgotten how much energy it takes to merely exist here in Japan. i’m doing well, but can’t seem to get much done beyond the care of my house and those in it. its is a holy, full, exhilirating-yet-exhausting season, and i am alternately so thankful i can’t find words for it and so tired i hope the next years fly by quickly.

i have missed my little blog. and writing. i have spent a large amount of my time cleaning and reorganizing our house (mold gets out of control while we are gone), and getting back into the youchien (jones’s school) mode, with waking early to make a hot bento, breakfast for the kids, and salad for bryan and me. (we’re doing a morning salad experiment.) and let me tell you, american kindergarten was a walk in the park! they hardly required anything of parents at jones’s school in Lincoln, and if you’ve ever seen pictures of japanese bentos, you know that i have big shoes to fill. (yikes!)

my language also took a big jump after we got back (thank you Jesus! it’s what i prayed for while i was gone), which was an extremely welcome surprise. but it has required extra energy, and then once the kids are in bed in the evenings, the last thing i feel like doing is communicating more with people or writing, even if its in my own language.

my respite from all these things has been a space i’ve created in our bedroom, for both bryan and i to be able to retreat to when we have need of it, which is where i am right now. (and amazingly enough, the kids can watch TV as loud as they want in the living room, and i can’t hear a dang thing! and for all you worried folk, harper is strapped into her high chair so she won’t get herself killed during these 15 minutes.)

our perfect orange chair, the last one available, and on sale!

our time in the states was extremely helpful for me in terms of learning what things i need to thrive in life, and particularly to thrive here in Japan. and quiet is one of them. every once in a while, i struggle with guilt over placing the kids in front of the TV in order to sneak some time away up here, but for the most part, God has enabled me to view this through the correct lens: that taking care of myself is a huge part of taking care of my family. is this a lesson we moms might have to learn over and over again in life? because its far too easy to put ourselves last on the list and just assume that we will get taken care of naturally, once everyone else’s needs are met.

i hear the hose spraying outside my window. this means my boys have escaped the house, and since our plans to build a boundary from our parking area and the busy street haven’t taken place yet, this is my cue to be done writing. farewell, blog friends! šŸ™‚ i hope it won’t be too long until i can write again.

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