A new look.

Hello all.

I’ve been in need of change. Some refreshment. Updating the blog will have to do.

I want to write, but can’t. Thank God it’s spring, because I want some oomph. Is it just life with kids? This eternal heart tiredness? Maybe it’s life with kids + overseas living + using your second language for most interactions. That can really drain a girl out. I’m waiting for my passion to return.

Here is a picture of my towel.

Photo May 02, 5 32 30 PM

And of the neighbor’s tree outside my window.

Photo May 02, 5 33 34 PM

And of my cup from an amazing coffee shop we just discovered. (Will be frequenting that place more in the future.)

Photo May 02, 12 30 24 PM

Let’s pretend that coffee cup was for toasting. Here’s to spring. And the hope of sunshine. And the promise that in two years, all my kids will be in school. Cheers, and amen.

4 thoughts on “A new look.

  1. Cheers, my girl! I hope the towel feels soft, cozy, and warm to comfort you. I hope the tree showing God’s beautiful creation inspires you to create/write. I hope the coffee at the new coffee shop brings much enjoyment (and “alone” time) for you. I hope God’s best for you! Love you more than words can express. Mom

    • Mama dear, I love you so. I have no doubt that you “get” my need to be alone! 🙂 Persevere! You’re almost to summer vacation, Ms. J-Dub!

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