Day Five.

Today: onsen. By myself.

I sat outside in the warm, rock bath, watching the rain drip-drop to the surface of the water, expanding into one ring, and then another. Endless rings, with tears of freshness gathering in the leaves overhead, filling to then spill on my cheeks, shoulders, the tops of my ears. The warm bath, the cool rain, the quiet. Who would ever want to leave?


I decided earlier that I would like to try my hand (pen?) at haiku and other forms of Japanese poetry. The sparse, simple lines, and the contemplation needed to create them — it sounds exactly like my cup of tea at the moment. I realized that I used to have music playing almost constantly in my home, and I do so only sparingly now. Too much other noise filling the void, apparently. This poetry — I feel it would bring me quiet.

The first task is to read, of course. My kanji is still very limited, but armed with my iPhone dictionary, I think I could warble through. And expand my vocabulary. The idea of opening my eyes to another language’s way of hailing the world’s beauty is fascinating, to say the least — and not to just translate it, but to see it and feel it and understand it as it is. This is an amazing thing about language learning, how our mind widens to encompass a whole new set of ideas yet unknown to us.

After that, comes writing. I am excited to see what becomes of this endeavor.


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