Beginning again.

I think writing is easier when you don’t think about who you’re writing for, but are just … writing.

As my little blog has evolved, and I know a little more about who’s reading it, its become difficult to write freely, type my real thoughts, draw from the hip. And I’m nothing if not free. Really. Certain circumstances of late have displayed that to me quite clearly (more on that another time).

So we are going to give this a go from a new angle: I’m going to do my best to forget who is listening, and if I can’t actually accomplish that, I’ll pretend. I’ll pretend that I don’t care what others think of what I write, or how my words might make them react or feel. I’ll pretend that it doesn’t matter to me how my stories are received. Because in truth, all those things matter, but the weight of them stills my fingers and quiets my thoughts till I no longer feel safe to express what’s inside me. I begin editing everything, for the sake of saving face or pleasing one audience member, and really, I’m nothing if not free.

I’m also nothing without love, so I’ll keep that in mind when I write. I don’t want to confuse the freedom to forget the opinions of others with a license to bludgeon whomever or whatever comes to me.

Let’s begin again, shall we? And see where it might lead us…

One thought on “Beginning again.

  1. I think we may be on similar roads, sweet friend. Write your damn heart out. I’ll listen, learn, sigh, and amen you from far way (or you can pretend I’m not listening, if it helps.)

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