That sucked.

I spent the past two hours tapping out the most beautiful of essays on my overnight stay in a neighboring city. It was whimsical and philosophical and the best of what I’ve written in a very long time. I had included a number of Japanese words that are part of my everyday vocabulary, and so had even typed a little dictionary at the bottom of my post. Just as I was about to hit publish, sighing deeply with the refreshment that comes with writing your heart out, my WordPress app unexpectedly quit. And it didn’t save a damn letter.

That is the last time I use that app, I think to myself, and I briefly alternate between wanting to quit in despair and wanting to write about my feelings (in a different application, of course).

So I chose the latter. And this is a post, NOT written in the WordPress app, to essentially express, Writing is euphoric. And it sucks to lose what you wrote, because you can’t recreate it. I will sit down again later to write about my night away, but something different will come out. That essay is lost forever, so good-bye, lovely happy words!


2 thoughts on “That sucked.

  1. Totally hear you. I am sorry we could not have experienced your journey with you through the essay. Looking forward to essay 2.0. Keep it up!

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