coffee hugs

ImageToday, I needed a hug. So I headed to my favorite shop in town, despite the 20-minute drive, and ordered the double-shot cappuccino. The milk was perfectly steamed and poured well, and I breathed a sigh of relief with my first sip. When did I reach this level of coffee snobbery? Where I will order orange juice over restaurant coffee any day, when I know that their beans are shipped in and brewed in a commercial Bunn maker? After continuing to deepen our understanding of what constitutes properly-made espresso and coffee, I no longer wonder anymore why many people say they can’t drink coffee for the bitterness, or need to laden it with cream and sugar — in fact, I don’t know how I downed all those bad cups in college, either! When aptly roasted, freshly ground beans are brewed with time and temperature in mind,  the resulting cup is usually mild, fruity, and soooooooo delicious. Every bean is different — some cherry, some caramel, some whiskey — and our tongues are slowly learning to recognize the natural flavors present.

If you have hated coffee til this day, I want you to know: it’s not supposed to taste like that! Find a shop in your area that roasts their own, boasts the regions of their product, and uses various pour-over methods. Give it a try. Your mornings will thank you for years to come.

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