How do I title a post on normal life?



I’ve been busy writing life, with no time left for writing anything else. I’ve found that even given a good hour or two of quiet and freedom, I can’t decompress or still myself enough for words or phrases to form. I need a good day of quiet, and then I can think creatively. Certainly, at the current phase of life, this is a conundrum.

Bryan was gone for six days, and so the kids and I spent four at home, and two in Tokyo visiting friends. They did AWESOME in the car, though there were persistent requests for the only adult to “watch this!” and “see this!”, which given that I was also the driver, didn’t pan out in favor of the kids. But still, they did great.

ImageAnd so did I, I might say. Still in the throes of morning sickness with BABY NUMBER FOUR (yep, you read that right), I would say making it six days without dad, taking a trip in the middle of it, whilst feeling pukey and having little desire to eat, without anyone dying or being seriously maimed in the process, was a great success.

So yes, another baby will enter our family in the early weeks of December. Though I was surprised to find myself pregnant, I was so excited at the thought of another baby — ooooohhh, squishy cheeks! And gooey smiles! And chubby legs! And no attitude for at least the first year! Going back to babyhood, however, is a daunting thought. It’s why I paused at three and decided I was probably done, though I always dreamed of having a big family. I’ve heard everyone say it: “It only gets easier with four! Three is the worst it gets. At four, the kids start taking care of each other.” But.. WHAT. IF. THEY. ARE. WRONG? So I’m glad God pushed me over the edge and took matters out of my own hands. I’m grateful — I don’t know if I could’ve confidently said, “I’m ready for another one!”



This guy stayed at home while we were in Tokyo, and ALSO did amazingly well. We left on Friday, a friend came to walk and feed him on Saturday, and we didn’t arrive home until Sunday evening. Nothing torn up, nothing messy, nothing out-of-place, just a really big pup ready to bowl us over and nearly kill us with his love when we opened the door. We took him to the park right away, and he ran circles around us for an hour. We’ve been getting pretty good at reading each other, and the other day I surmised that his quaint sitting pose and unfailing gaze meant he wanted to eat one of the pancakes Bryan made for breakfast. I told him he was a crazy dog and moved the plate to the kitchen. He turned to sit in the kitchen and stare at the plate for 20 minutes, occasionally ruffing until he realized I wasn’t going to give in. His mournful eyes in the above picture meant he wanted to go to the park. It was “that time” (dogs are so routine!), and so he had come to my resting perch to stare at me until I got up. When I said “outside?”, he ran to the door and grabbed his ball from the basket, whipping me with his quickly wagging tail. Seriously, he’s the best dog. I’m gonna miss him so much when we are gone this summer.

And thus concludes my quiet time — I hear the car being parked just outside the house, and I know the crazies are about the descend upon my tranquil space. I love them, I love them, I love them. 🙂


2 thoughts on “How do I title a post on normal life?

  1. Congrats on number 4! We weren’t expecting ours either but she came and has been such a blessing. Can’t imagine life without her. Very happy for you all!

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