I suppose if I were to pick a time to start blogging again, now is as good as any.

I have thought of blogging as something different from writing, but really, in this season of small kids, beginning business, life overseas, there will be no writing if it’s not blogging. I journal daily, but that’s something else.

Since last October, life took me away from writing for a while. We went on a road trip through the first year of a dog in the house, quitting school and exploring unschooling, morning sickness, international plane flights without my other half, two months in the states, and a return to Japan and to the national school system. I will give birth to my fourth child in the next two months. Then its Christmas. Then it’s New Year’s. Then we forge ahead into the unknown of building a coffee business in Japan. Seems like a good time to start something else, don’t you think?

But really, writing is not a job for me just yet. Hopefully someday, I will earn this family a little income with my efforts, but so far, it’s all by whim, to unload and process and share. So I can still use it to unwind, to escape the mundane dailies and allow others a little peek into this corner of the world. And I can start it, stop it, let go of it, in times appropriate to my own heart and mind. (It seems I’m giving myself permission.)

Today, I’m writing at the horigotatsu (a table set over a hollowed area for feet), with little legos splayed across the table, and a stack of coloring books. (Will have to do something about those legos in five or six months. Things you forget about having a baby in the house.) My oldest tromped off to school this morning, oh so brave. He’s missed a year, and he’s totally behind, and I don’t care — I just want him to learn whatever he wants while he’s there, and come home to me so I can give him cookies. So my current baby and I will make them for him. My blue-eyed surfer-boy is making a ship out of legos and asking for ice cream every 30 seconds. The dog is trying to lick my face. I am hungry, but can’t fit much in this tummy, so I’ll settle for half a meal of leftovers. It’s overcast, but somehow, I still feel inspired.

Today is as good a day as any.

2 thoughts on “Restart.

  1. Glad to “catch up” with you and your fam via your blog post–good reminder to pray for you and yours more specifically. I spotted you in the Coffee House one Sunday when you visited Zion this summer, but didn’t have opportunity to greet you; consider this a virtual hug.

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