she’s here!

Ivy Ann O’Donnell made her way into the world at 7:30a on December 17th.


7 pounds, 8 ounces, and blue eyes (we think) to boot. She was adamant on carving her own way and breaking the mold set by her older siblings, who were all born on in the 40th week of pregnancy, 4 days after due date, and on even days (20th, 22nd, 10th). SHE decided to remain breech until late into the pregnancy, and then wait till exactly the 41st week, arriving on an odd-numbered day. She’s telling us much already about her personality and how she will refuse to sit quietly in the shadows as the “baby of the family.” 🙂


Her siblings LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE her and can’t understand why we haven’t come home yet. When they come to visit, Ezra (5) creeps close to just watch her with an unending smile, Harper (3.5) talks in a squeal about her cute cheeks and commands us all to stop what we are doing and look at them with her, and Jones (almost 8!) is quick to give advice to the other two about being quiet and gentle. They are all eager to help in any way, except diapers — adamantly refused by all three. 🙂 Jones says I make the best hot water bottles for bed, so could I please come home so he can stay warm while he sleeps? Harper is taking up my space in bed with daddy, so I’m pretty sure she misses me but is okay that I’m not home yet. And Ezra? Ezra is just such a happy-go-lucky guy, and his demeanor right now reminds me so much of his babyhood — all smiles, very little talk and noise, just thankful to soak it all in. It seems little Ivy has touched a special place in his heart, and he has vowed to be her protector. First he said Jones will take care of Ivy, and he will take care of Harper, but now he’s changed his mind. 🙂

Daddy is rather wiped out, I think. He has been running around this week, visiting me, dropping off and picking up kids, finishing up his commitments for the year with BEST club and English teaching. Yesterday marked his last meeting and the last day of school for the year, so today, we are all resting — even the weather whispers rest, with a quiet rain falling, keeping those four (plus Iggy) inside today.


My milk came in yesterday, so Ivy and I are doing little other than drinking and eating, both of us. Simultaneously counting down the days til we can go home and wishing we could soak up this quietness forever. Because once we arrive home, it will be anything but quiet! 🙂


One thought on “she’s here!

  1. Wow, I loved reading this. I feel so fascinated to watch you welcoming your fourth baby into the world. It was really fun to hear how the other three are adjusting to their little sister! So hilarious and so precious. What fullness of blessing is yours right now. Rejoicing with you today!

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