Something grand.

Yesterday was the grand opening of our coffee roasting business here in Japan. I’m celebrating by spending the morning in my pajamas, locked up in our bedroom, sipping, reading, and tapping the keys: an introvert’s party.

I remember sitting in a Shizuoka cafe a little over five years ago, journaling and daydreaming about the coffee business Bryan and I dared to imagine. I wrote up a mock menu, sketched versions of the interior, played with potential names. The reality is nothing like those notes, with the simple roasted bean our only menu item, scraped concrete instead of dark wood floors, and a name we arrived at only after a year of deliberation. There is no disappointment in this fact, though. It was much like a wedding day: hoped and endlessly planned for, but in essence, very normal.

We are happy to be partnering with farms in Thailand and Rwanda, and hopefully expanding soon to Burundi. We are excited for the potential to offer our coffee to cafes and restaurants throughout Shizuoka and greater Japan. We are most encouraged by the possibility for friendship with the people who walk through our doors to purchase beans, asking their questions and trusting our recommendations. We hope this business will be a blessing to all who encounter it.

Visit our website here.


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