DPP :: twelve

It is ridiculously nice outside today.  Like short-sleeve-kind of nice.  And so continues my it-cant-really-be-Christmas-yet alternate state of existence (read: change of Christmas scenery in seaside climate Japan). My friend Mandy gave me a gift today, just because.  I wrote several times of my favorite coffee spot here in Shiz., which sadly closed its doors … Continue reading DPP :: twelve


Today went a little differently than planned in the last post. I did not go to Excelsior, and it did not rain. (!) I went to Starbucks, and the sky got increasingly cloudier and darker all day. We’ve now been 6 days without rain in Shizuoka, so we’re due — it usually means a loooong … Continue reading Today


Our friend Sugi bought a nice, new camera the other day and wanted to take pictures of his favorite toddler.  I’m okay with the first harvest of the summer photo project not actually belonging to me, are you? It was a good thing mom chose the “spirit” shorts today, because he needed it later when … Continue reading Today


I’ve temporarily occupied Jones with tupperware, a cup, and a spoon right now so I can write this post. I’m drinking a Toddy latte, from the first Toddy we’ve brewed since our arrival in Japan.  Iced Toddy will make a nice treat in the hot, hot, HOT Shizuoka summer.  Brook over at “So I was … Continue reading Tidbits