The Author.

I’m Jamie, 30-something wife to Bryan and mama to Jones (8), Ezra (6), Harper (4), and Ivy (1). Our family moved to Japan when our oldest was just 11 months, and we’ve been here ever since. I love Jesus, coffee, warm colors, and a well-spun phrase.

Even in my earliest memories, writing was part of my identity. I illustrated books about Mickey and the family trip to Disney World in first grade. Later, I wrote tedious stories of the Oregon Trail and played pioneer in my tree house. I moved on to keep meticulous journals of the boys I liked, the gossip I shouldn’t be sharing, and the otherwise normal happenings of a teen and pre-teen American girl. In college, I attempted journalism and found news-writing to be barren of the creativity I loved in language. I settled myself into poetry and discovered myself to be capable in the description of feelings and inner experiences. I spent gobs of time writing and adored it. I married the love of my life, for whom I had written many-a-poem, and became unexpectedly pregnant (however unexpected that can be, I suppose, when you’re married and making frequent love). This changed many things, including writing.

After baby Jones entered the world, my work as a mother began. It was frightening and exciting and holy and infuriating. I found blogs that helped ease my transition and a created a desire to write again. It wasn’t poetry or pondering for hours in coffee shops, but it was something. Writing took another blow, though, when we moved 10 months later to Japan: suddenly, I was a baby again myself, relearning language and the proper behavior from the people around me. I remember feeling slightly peeved with God, wondering why He would give me both a gift and an intense desire to use it, but drop me in circumstances (mainly, motherhood and overseas living) that rendered me almost useless. When, God? When will you let me use it?

More babies came, Japanese proficiency grew, and life marched forward, still this question in the back of my mind. When, God? Why, God? I’ve kept up with writing via this blog in spurts over the past 8 years. I want to say I haven’t been a faithful writer, because I haven’t posted every week, or even every month, but continuing through 8 years and 4 babies seems enough to be called ‘faithful,’ I guess. I’ll keep on tapping here at High Countries. And I’ll keep on asking, When, God? Trusting He will answer in season, and knowing that perhaps He has already answered: Right now, Jamie. Just as you are doing.