Don’t-ask-don’t-tell-don’t-care Days

I am a recovering Type A personality, which deserves a post in its own right. There are many descriptions of Type A to be found, few of them glowing or positive. (Though the competitive nature of Type A's, and the resulting successes, is lauded.) It is well-documented that people with these tendencies experience higher levels … Continue reading Don’t-ask-don’t-tell-don’t-care Days

small things at the end of the day.

tonite, after the kiddos were all tucked in, i watched the nbc nightly news podcast while i did dishes. (i quite like brian williams.) then i made a meringue pie and researched nagano. i wrote about said pie, and also about some memories of cooking blunders. i wrote to just write, and i think i … Continue reading small things at the end of the day.

snippets of today.

late morning outside. naked little boy with curly hair. little blue pool filled with cold water. shade for a pregnant mama. heart salvaged from a crabby morning. "viva la vida" coming through the speakers. glass of iced tea. elisabeth elliot book. cool breeze from the ocean. giggles, dimples, and splashes heard together. promise of an … Continue reading snippets of today.