Don’t-ask-don’t-tell-don’t-care Days

I am a recovering Type A personality, which deserves a post in its own right. There are many descriptions of Type A to be found, few of them glowing or positive. (Though the competitive nature of Type A's, and the resulting successes, is lauded.) It is well-documented that people with these tendencies experience higher levels … Continue reading Don’t-ask-don’t-tell-don’t-care Days


snippets of today.

late morning outside. naked little boy with curly hair. little blue pool filled with cold water. shade for a pregnant mama. heart salvaged from a crabby morning. "viva la vida" coming through the speakers. glass of iced tea. elisabeth elliot book. cool breeze from the ocean. giggles, dimples, and splashes heard together. promise of an … Continue reading snippets of today.