it's only 11 am, and we've already had all the makings of a bad day around here.  daddy's sick with a fever and confined to bed.  mama is "pregnant+summer heat+there's so much to do+my new iron supplement isn't here yet" tired.  little boy is over his cold and wilder than ever. we've had a canceled … Continue reading redemption.


It's been raining all day, and it finally stopped, so I'm letting Jones play in our extremely muddy, messy yard while I watch from the window. I usually do not have the patience to let him roam free outside, due to the fact that he could get into who-knows-what, eat who-knows-what, and bring who-knows-what back … Continue reading Survival


Bryan is out-of-town, I've been putting movies in all day so I don't feel alone in the house.  However, when he's in-town, he's not at the house during the day, but somehow I feel less alone then.  It's nighttime now, and I'm almost ready to go to bed, and I always long to have Jones … Continue reading List

Babywise, Part II

When you have a baby, everyone you meet has an opinion, whether it's natural birth, epidural, finding out the sex of the baby, breastfeeding, scheduling, baby-wearing, the family bed, sleeping through the night, starting solids, immunizations, etc, etc, etc. It's so helpful to know that others have been there and survived -- but my personality … Continue reading Babywise, Part II