woke up early to shower and put on a dress, just to feel pretty.  brewed coffee.  ate a tiny bowl of some precious mini-wheats. intended to study.  started, but ended up reading emails and blogs, and occasionally staring out the window.  its overcast, but the birds are chirping.  its the type of weather i enjoy … Continue reading today


DPP :: twelve

It is ridiculously nice outside today.  Like short-sleeve-kind of nice.  And so continues my it-cant-really-be-Christmas-yet alternate state of existence (read: change of Christmas scenery in seaside climate Japan). My friend Mandy gave me a gift today, just because.  I wrote several times of my favorite coffee spot here in Shiz., which sadly closed its doors … Continue reading DPP :: twelve

Rainy afternoon

Our house is pretty dark -- the clouds have gathered and its thundering outside (though still crazy humid).  Bryan is out with friends and Jones is napping, so I decided to bask in our air-conditioning, have a little toddy, and bake myself some cookies.  {We have a killer recipe that makes a TON of dough, … Continue reading Rainy afternoon


Earlier this week we took a day-tip (I think I should say HALF-day-trip) to Tamanakako -- now THAT's a tongue-twister. It's one of the many tourist-y towns at the base of Mt. Fuji, higher in elevation, and thus MUCH cooler than our seaside area in Shizuoka. We met some friends for a special occasion at … Continue reading Tamanakako


After my lesson, Jones and I headed out on a bike for Ohama Pool -- a FREE pool that's open only one-and-a-half months of the three-month summer.  (Parking, however, is not free, which is why we took a 15-minute bike ride instead.)  We're trying to get the most out of it, today was Jones's introduction … Continue reading Afternoon

My afternoon

Sidenote(s): I realized that two posts, back-to-back, were entitled "Today," and I'm ashamed of my lack of creativity.  Also, it's still raining, been three days now.  They have actually called off school in our area because of potential flooding.  Our house is in a high neighborhood, Mom -- no worries.