DPP :: twenty-two

Today (in no particular order):  made this autumn table runner to take home, drank coffee, cried, vaccumed, folded and put away three loads of laundry, chased dust bunnies off of various surfaces, emailed, made lists. Tomorrow: we will board the shinkansen at 9 and, one train switch later, arrive at Narita airport around 11.  We'll … Continue reading DPP :: twenty-two

DPP :: twelve

It is ridiculously nice outside today.  Like short-sleeve-kind of nice.  And so continues my it-cant-really-be-Christmas-yet alternate state of existence (read: change of Christmas scenery in seaside climate Japan). My friend Mandy gave me a gift today, just because.  I wrote several times of my favorite coffee spot here in Shiz., which sadly closed its doors … Continue reading DPP :: twelve

DPP :: two

I think Fuji-san is one of my favorite natural sights of all time.  Yes -- all time.  There are few things that compare to the beauty of such an enormous mountain, standing alone and towering over all that surrounds it.  I took this picture Sunday, while hangin' at a famous lookout spot in Shiz. with … Continue reading DPP :: two