DPP :: one

So since I'm a day ahead over here, I'm also a day behind on DPP.  😦  Not a good start, but I think it can be redeemed. A pic of a sweet-lookin' tree from a backpacking trip the hubs took a few months ago.  More recent and holiday-friendly pics to follow.

December Photo Project

Gearing up for another year, hosted by my friend.  Head on over and sign yourself up!  I'm stoked to share my first Christmas season in Japan with you all..  (minus a day or two.. because we'll be on a PLANE, headed HOME!) 😉

Under the weather

Remember the last picture? The one where I said Jones had a slight fever? Well, that fever ran for two days, after which the green snot started to appear, and both kept waking him up in the middle of the night for a few days. Throw that in with a) rising early in the morning … Continue reading Under the weather


No-picture Day

If I could describe today with a picture, it would be Jones throwing a humongous screaming tantrum.  Sadly, I didn't have my camera with me today when he did this in the mall, nor did I desire to take pictures whilst trying to rock the screaming dude at 9:45, about an hour and a half … Continue reading No-picture Day

Spice it up

I did some photo-documentation of our kitchen today, all my favorite spots included:  my line of cookbooks, the countertop by the window, my flour and sugar canisters, my coffeepot clock, and this spice rack.