Tonight, I'm sitting up on our veranda with some candles, a little wine, and my iPod, playing a Bible study session with Beth Moore.  My hubby recently bought me a little table for only 850yen at a recycle shop -- bless him!  He knew how I would love sitting at it, journaling and thinking, which … Continue reading Yearning


(I just realized that two of my limited number of recent posts are entitled "Whoa."  But I really don't know what other word to use to describe my current feeling, so "whoa" it remains.) Whoa. (That may have been redundant and silly, but I couldn't help myself. (Okay, I'll stop with the asides now.) I'm … Continue reading Whoa.

Babywise, Part II

When you have a baby, everyone you meet has an opinion, whether it's natural birth, epidural, finding out the sex of the baby, breastfeeding, scheduling, baby-wearing, the family bed, sleeping through the night, starting solids, immunizations, etc, etc, etc. It's so helpful to know that others have been there and survived -- but my personality … Continue reading Babywise, Part II