What I’m missing..

I think its safe to say that I've never had such strong food cravings EVER, in my LIFE, before now.  But.. I've also never lived overseas pregnant before.  A fellow missionary here told me at a conference last week that she cried thinking about Mexican food when she was pregnant with her little ones, and … Continue reading What I’m missing..


My afternoon

Sidenote(s): I realized that two posts, back-to-back, were entitled "Today," and I'm ashamed of my lack of creativity.  Also, it's still raining, been three days now.  They have actually called off school in our area because of potential flooding.  Our house is in a high neighborhood, Mom -- no worries.


Yesterday was a rough day, if you can't tell by the previous post.  Today is much better.  I have bread, I have coffee, I have rain, and I have a nap-time all alone in the house.  Mmmm.. The start was a little shaky, however, with Jones, et al, taking a trip to the doctor due … Continue reading Today