it's only 11 am, and we've already had all the makings of a bad day around here.  daddy's sick with a fever and confined to bed.  mama is "pregnant+summer heat+there's so much to do+my new iron supplement isn't here yet" tired.  little boy is over his cold and wilder than ever. we've had a canceled … Continue reading redemption.



...for plane tickets home.  and for the assurance that God will provide me with all I need to handle whatever is waiting for me when we land, emotions and people and all. ...for music and the way it can freshen my perspective and make me feel so glad to know Jesus, no matter who writes … Continue reading Thankful

A night to remember

Today, while reading books together, my sweet little 20-month-old lifted up his butt cheek and farted on me, giggling like mad! (Are those terms too vulgar for blogging about baby?  One never knows..) I'm on my way to write it down in the babybook. 🙂  Boys!


Recent tidbits from the life of my little man: He calls berries "Mmm mmm's" -- because we were once reading a book, and I pointed to the strawberries and said, "You like strawberries, don't you?  Strawberries are tasty, mmm mmm!"  From thence forth, he used that new name, but recently, he's been asking for blueberries … Continue reading Jones