A not-so-happy post

We're barely getting by over here.  My 15-month-old is getting his final four teeth -- the ones he's not supposed to get until he's 2.5 or 3 years old.  He's always been an awful teether, starting at three months, his entire persona changing while he's in the throes of it -- he doesn't want to … Continue reading A not-so-happy post



Today went a little differently than planned in the last post. I did not go to Excelsior, and it did not rain. (!) I went to Starbucks, and the sky got increasingly cloudier and darker all day. We've now been 6 days without rain in Shizuoka, so we're due -- it usually means a loooong … Continue reading Today


Our friend Sugi bought a nice, new camera the other day and wanted to take pictures of his favorite toddler.  I'm okay with the first harvest of the summer photo project not actually belonging to me, are you? It was a good thing mom chose the "spirit" shorts today, because he needed it later when … Continue reading Today

Lap baby

I think he's getting his incisors, so that definitely adds to the whining, but lately, Jones has been right behind my every move, whining and waiting to be picked up.  I can't even sit at the table and journal, read, study, or type without the incessant "pick me up!" cry.  I love him!  It warms … Continue reading Lap baby


I've temporarily occupied Jones with tupperware, a cup, and a spoon right now so I can write this post. I'm drinking a Toddy latte, from the first Toddy we've brewed since our arrival in Japan.  Iced Toddy will make a nice treat in the hot, hot, HOT Shizuoka summer.  Brook over at "So I was … Continue reading Tidbits


It's been raining all day, and it finally stopped, so I'm letting Jones play in our extremely muddy, messy yard while I watch from the window. I usually do not have the patience to let him roam free outside, due to the fact that he could get into who-knows-what, eat who-knows-what, and bring who-knows-what back … Continue reading Survival