After my lesson, Jones and I headed out on a bike for Ohama Pool -- a FREE pool that's open only one-and-a-half months of the three-month summer.  (Parking, however, is not free, which is why we took a 15-minute bike ride instead.)  We're trying to get the most out of it, today was Jones's introduction … Continue reading Afternoon


So Jones is in bed and I should be studying, there were a number of things on my to-do list, but I gave the DLB another new look to add to this season of rejuvenation.  I was thinking today that perhaps I should dress my blog seasonally -- light colors for spring and summer, darker … Continue reading Seasons


Our friend Sugi bought a nice, new camera the other day and wanted to take pictures of his favorite toddler.  I'm okay with the first harvest of the summer photo project not actually belonging to me, are you? It was a good thing mom chose the "spirit" shorts today, because he needed it later when … Continue reading Today


Bryan is out-of-town, I've been putting movies in all day so I don't feel alone in the house.  However, when he's in-town, he's not at the house during the day, but somehow I feel less alone then.  It's nighttime now, and I'm almost ready to go to bed, and I always long to have Jones … Continue reading List