Day 5 pic and other thoughts

This is Merrill and Mason. Mason is 18 months old and getting ready to welcome a new little brother or sister in May! The family came for a visit this afternoon and the deep conversation was refreshing. I've found that since I've been involved in the DPP, I'm giving little blurbs of my life via … Continue reading Day 5 pic and other thoughts



Lately, I've been feeling like the blog needed a simpler look.  To accommodate, I moved over from blogspot, and so far, I like the feel of the new place. And don't expect the theme to stay this way for long.  I've decided that frequent-blog-theme-changing will just have to be my thing, since I don't see … Continue reading Themes


A castle tower, a trapped princess, and the guarding, fire-breathing, high-pitched-squeal dragon.At least Jason seems to think it was pretty funny. 🙂