Summer Buddy.

One of our kids started school yesterday. Two more go back tomorrow. Summer break is over, hallelujah, thank you, and AMEN. America moms, how did you do it? I only have to handle a 4-week break, but it took every last bit of my energy and ability to make it to today. Perhaps it's like … Continue reading Summer Buddy.

Jumping the chasm.

When people put their trust in God in radical ways, and we hear the stories of how He provided at the last minute, the exact thing, just enough or massively more than enough, it evokes a response in us for MORE. MORE of the radical, MORE faith, MORE trust, MORE of Him. Something stirs up … Continue reading Jumping the chasm.

Something grand.

Yesterday was the grand opening of our coffee roasting business here in Japan. I'm celebrating by spending the morning in my pajamas, locked up in our bedroom, sipping, reading, and tapping the keys: an introvert's party. I remember sitting in a Shizuoka cafe a little over five years ago, journaling and daydreaming about the coffee … Continue reading Something grand.


It's raining. I'm upstairs in our bedroom, space heater at my feet, writing a few letters in between sips of coffee. My oldest is gaming with his friends downstairs, my second fell asleep in his bed for a rare afternoon nap, my third is drawing in the playroom, and my fourth is napping as well, … Continue reading Reframing.


I have been in counseling via Skype for the past few months, with an amazing and loving counselor as my guide. I am beyond thankful for the ways God is using this in my life right now, so much so that I've begun recommending counseling to everyone I know. 😉 (Stubbed toe? See a counselor!) … Continue reading Limitations.


The constant presence and care needed by a baby makes me crave quiet in a way not normal to me; as an introvert, this is saying a lot. I plan my days around morning nap time, that magical hour-and-a-half, boiling water for coffee before I even take her upstairs so I can maximize the time. … Continue reading Need.


My kitchen sink faces the back of our lot one neighbor's graveled yard literally five feet from the window. I've known the comings and goings of this neighbor from my post, heard her crunching steps and listened to the clip-clip of laundry hanging. I watch demurely, hoping she doesn't catch my eye through the sparse … Continue reading Clockwork.