Harder than I imagined..

I want to be a good mommy.  I want to want to do the things that are good and fun for Jones, like playing outside, even when its cold and I'd rather read a book.. Or making something with him in the kitchen, even if it will leave a mess.  Or doing creative crafts with … Continue reading Harder than I imagined..



...for plane tickets home.  and for the assurance that God will provide me with all I need to handle whatever is waiting for me when we land, emotions and people and all. ...for music and the way it can freshen my perspective and make me feel so glad to know Jesus, no matter who writes … Continue reading Thankful


Who is this strange God of mine, that He requires both everything and nothing at the same time?  That He asks of me my entire heart, yet gives unending grace and love when I can't follow through?  I'm baffled and amazed by this right now.  I'm quite at my wit's end thinking of the truth … Continue reading Dichotomy


Tonight, I'm sitting up on our veranda with some candles, a little wine, and my iPod, playing a Bible study session with Beth Moore.  My hubby recently bought me a little table for only 850yen at a recycle shop -- bless him!  He knew how I would love sitting at it, journaling and thinking, which … Continue reading Yearning