snippets of today.

late morning outside. naked little boy with curly hair. little blue pool filled with cold water. shade for a pregnant mama. heart salvaged from a crabby morning. "viva la vida" coming through the speakers. glass of iced tea. elisabeth elliot book. cool breeze from the ocean. giggles, dimples, and splashes heard together. promise of an … Continue reading snippets of today.


woke up early to shower and put on a dress, just to feel pretty.  brewed coffee.  ate a tiny bowl of some precious mini-wheats. intended to study.  started, but ended up reading emails and blogs, and occasionally staring out the window.  its overcast, but the birds are chirping.  its the type of weather i enjoy … Continue reading today


I've enjoyed the "ing" posts on some friends' blogs, and I've recently been rather stuck on how to blog about my current emotions, things I'm learning, ways God is changing and growing me.  So I'm going to steal the "ing" post instead. Reading "Stormie" by Stormie Omartian -- a great autobiographical book of her deliverance … Continue reading Ing

ERA :: day 2

Eat-right August!! had some leftover baked potatoes sliced and sauted, with scrambled eggs and about 3 cups of percolated coffee -- all cooked over a camp-stove at the beach with my hubby! it was AH-MAZING -- taste, atmosphere, my hunk.. 🙂 one of our summer live-ins (American college students) watched Jones for a few hours … Continue reading ERA :: day 2

My afternoon

Sidenote(s): I realized that two posts, back-to-back, were entitled "Today," and I'm ashamed of my lack of creativity.  Also, it's still raining, been three days now.  They have actually called off school in our area because of potential flooding.  Our house is in a high neighborhood, Mom -- no worries.