more on the writing life.

I have been writing more poetry of late. Scribbling in my journal between reading Sandra Boynton books and washing dishes. It has felt good to write after such a long break, though, to borrow from Winnie-the-Pooh, I am very Out of Practice. Here's a short one I came across today while rereading entries from last … Continue reading more on the writing life.


snippets of today.

late morning outside. naked little boy with curly hair. little blue pool filled with cold water. shade for a pregnant mama. heart salvaged from a crabby morning. "viva la vida" coming through the speakers. glass of iced tea. elisabeth elliot book. cool breeze from the ocean. giggles, dimples, and splashes heard together. promise of an … Continue reading snippets of today.


...for plane tickets home.  and for the assurance that God will provide me with all I need to handle whatever is waiting for me when we land, emotions and people and all. ...for music and the way it can freshen my perspective and make me feel so glad to know Jesus, no matter who writes … Continue reading Thankful