Live in another country.
-Visit Africa with my family.
-Go backpacking in Europe as empty-nesters.
-Try our hands at sustainable living for a season.
-Become a certified barista.
Have a big family. (Hey, four kids is a. lot.)
-Get a tattoo.
-Learn a little French or Italian
Be married to a beard and a man-bun.
-Teach my babies to snowboard.
Open a coffee shop with my dude. (Did this really happen?!)
-Become a counselor.
Learn Keep learning the ins and outs of photography.
Help mamas during birth. (But let’s keep doing this.)
-Live city life for a season, small apartment and no car.
Speak another language. (Japanese!)
-Write a book.
Own a big dog. (Ignatius, aka Iggy, I love your big shaggy tail!)
Journey into unschooling. (And now we’ve journeyed out again for a while, but it has impacted our thinking and our family immeasurably.)
-Make my way through the classic novels.
Grow my hair long and hippie-like.
-Go back to school and get my MFA.
-Work as a writer