My name is Jamie, a spirited introvert married to my opposite. We live in Japan with our four kids and our big, white dog. (He’s in America with Grandma and Grandpa now.)

I am a creative hippie at heart, but always longed for neat and tidy routines of my Type A friends. On my more spontaneous days, I love to get in the car, grab a coffee and my camera, and explore new areas. On regular days, I’m at home flitting between household chores, design or editing work, and a chapter or two of a good book. (Or a Netflix episode.) Once our kids come home for the day, I’m mom — it’s the job I want to do best, but it’s often a hard switch to flip.

Coffee is one of my favorite things, because of the environment it creates for mulling over a well-written book or conversing deeply with friends. My husband I both love it so much we decided to pursue a business in coffee — we recently opened a shop, where he is the roaster and I do design and label work.

I love Jesus. There is little else I want to say about that, as it tends to be a very polarizing topic, except I am quite comfortable with mystery and want love to be the defining aroma of my life.

I am a college football fan, a born and bred Nebraska Husker (GBR!). With the time zone difference, I’m most often cheering alone from my couch with my morning coffee. This is introvert football.

As yet unmentioned and motley interests: singing, playing and watching volleyball, dance clubs, EDM, simple fashion, language, alone time, stories, and self-improvement.

This is my space to think, dig, create, come clean, and meet Jesus. I’m so glad you have joined me here.