The winner

In the Living in Japan section of this blog, I mentioned that I was experiencing some blogging loyalty confusion regarding High Countries and The Seed, a companion blog used as a ministry update.  In the weeks since penning (or typing — whatever) those words, it’s become clear that High Countries should win out.

“Picture your soul as a garden.  When given proper care and attention, a garden thrives and blooms with gorgeous color, sharing beauty and fragrance with everyone around it…. When well-tended, your soul has an overflowing bounty of love that gives joy and sustenance to everyone near you.” –Scharlotte Rich, “Growing by Heart”

My soul needs tending.  My priority is not to update readers and ministry partners, but to grow, and High Countries gives me fresh air for breathing and wide open spaces for stretching.  I already write once-a-month email updates, send thrice-a-year mailings, and communicate personally with the members of the body of Christ in several other ways.  I’ve decided that for survival, I need a place to just write what I’m thinking and attempt to water my soul.

This does not mean I won’t be posting at The Seed — it will be more on a monthly basis and will likely coincide with our email updates.

I don’t actually think I needed to say all that for any reason except for informing myself.. But there you have it.  And now that Jones is napping a large chunk of the afternoon, I have a nice space in the middle of my day for quiet reflection (or laundry folding, or dinner prep, or studying, or napping, or checking email.. you know), which always seems to produce a desire to write.  And writing, friends, is one of the few ways my soul is tended.

Thus, let us move forth and find a watering pot!

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