DPP :: seventeen

Is it already December 17th? HOLY CRAP I have a lot to do before our departure on the 23rd.  A friend emailed me the other day and said, “See you next week!” and I almost wet my pants — NEXT WEEK??!  It can’t be next week already!  14-hour-plane-ride-with-toddler-in-my-lap, HERE WE COME!


I took this pic Tuesday morning during my weekly study session at McDonald’s.  That’s right:  McDonalds.  Though I rarely set foot in the shop while in America (perhaps because of a childhood kiddie meal overdose), both hubs and I frequently study at McDs here in Japan.  Its different — more stylish and hip.  And the service — wow!  They come running to my table with the tray, apologizing all over themselves that they couldn’t get it to me at the counter a minute earlier! (Again, if you’d like to read a very hilarious and frighteningly accurate portrayal of Japanese culture, please read Dave Barry Does Japan.)

Though its hard to tell, these chairs are orange.  And since its the beginning of the day and patrons have been few, they are nicely arranged, just like ALL THE OTHER CHAIRS in the shop are.  Angled around the table like that.

I’m tellin’ ya — Japan is COOL.

3 thoughts on “DPP :: seventeen

  1. Hi Jamie,
    After reading your comment on my blog, I discovered you had a wordpress as well and came to check it out. I admire how much God has blessed your life. It seems that personality wise, you and I are very similar. I couldn’t help but notice your quote from C.S Lewis’s Mere Christianity. I love that quote and find it to be truly convincing. Secondly–I wanted to comment on something you said on your Author page—how much life is different than what you planned. God tells us that he has plans for us—plans far greater than our own. I think your life is a living testimony to that. Your life now is obviously directed by God and sounds so much better than the secular life of a lawyer or writer. You are an inspiration Jamie. Thank you for reading my blog. And I plan to frequent yours often now. Merry Christmas!

    your cyber-sister in Christ,


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