kids music.

i would like to point your attention to the sidebar for a newly added link — kids music that rocks. i found this blog just the other day while searching for some new music for jones.  i LOATHE children’s CDs — the ones with nothing but a choir of singing kids, one well-meaning adult, and bad music. ick. i’m eager to give a few of their recommendations a listen.  in the meantime, here are our favorite adult-friendly kid albums.

  • slugs, bugs, & lullabies :: andrew peterson & randall goodgame love these guys. they are amazing songwriters, so as you can imagine, the songs are quite entertaining. bryan and i cracked up the first time we listened to it.  jones’s favorite is ‘tractor tractor’.
  • one :: the beatles not much to be said —  famous tunes that are catchy enough for a kid to love.  jones’s favorites are ‘yellow submarine’ and ‘day tripper’.
  • deliberate kids :: phil joel just found this album, but its already a favorite around here.  very upbeat and fun to dance to with a little guy (if he decides he’s in a dancing mood — if he doesn’t want to dance, nobody dances!).  jones loves ‘good morning.’
  • seeds family worship i have really enjoyed this music! songs taken directly from scripture. a few are weird, but they are great for remembering God’s Word.  my favorite is ‘better than life’ — haven’t been able to figure out which ones jones likes yet.

happy listening, mommies! 🙂 (and daddies!)

4 thoughts on “kids music.

  1. Add to your list (we got this for Christmas):

    Barenaked Ladies… Snacktime

    I hate kid’s music too… why do they make it like that? As if kids only like stupid bell-like-music with lame lyrics?

  2. Jamie – Thanks for the music ideas….good kids music is SO hard to come by!! I downloaded Slugs, Bugs and Lullabies and a Seeds family worship album today – Makenzie is singing Tractor, Tractor already (and requesting to have it played over and over and over)!! Love it!!

  3. thanks for the suggestions! also just found “caspar babypants” — strange name, but LOVE the music! kind of folky and really catchy.

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