things i’m loving about the right-now Jones:
-how he finds things he really wants to do, and sells them to me quite convincingly.
-his current most-used phrases: “oh sure!” and “shall we?”
-him begging to go back to youchien, and to play with friends.
-how many things i see in his personality that come from me, not all of them pretty.

things i’m loving about the right-now Ezra:
-his desire to be just like his big brother, and do everything he does — right down to getting stuck behind a chair, just because big brother did it first.
-speaking in sentences.. seriously.  and comprehending what we ask, and responding with a sentence.  we are having whole conversations now! and he’s not even two. i’m befuddled.

things i’m loving about the right-now Harper:
-her constant and amazing smiles!
-her first giggle.
-her gracious consent to sleep anywhere.


3 thoughts on “practicing.

  1. awww i love those whom blogg on nice things about their kiddos….as i think i find it easier to blogg and complain about my kids…..thanks for the good post on your babies!!

    • Love this blog. Thanks for sharing it. You are so great to find all the good things and I appreciate the way you love my grandbabies. Love and miss you lots.

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