The daily random of motherhood.

This list is for myself. Because I want to remember on those days where I fall into bed exhausted, yet wondering what I did all day, that I did indeed do a lot. And that mostly, it turns out to be a strange lot. Motherhood requires it all, doesn’t it?

What I did today:
-drove my husband to the station.
-made sugar cookie dough
-looked at cartooning books and sketched
-timed scooter races
-read my bible and looked out the window
-filled and hauled 10 large buckets of sand (with my little helpers)
-bathed and de-sanded all family members
-cleaned up our MacBook
-ordered, installed, and did a test run of a new computer game
-looked under the hood of our car with Jones and asked grandpa to explain
-put away laundry
-made a dog-proof barrier in the bushes between yard and street
-cooked spaghetti with homemade meatballs
-made some aeropress
-played spell tower
-wrote in Ezra’s baby book
-scrolled through soulemama
-conversed with jones on the names of bosses in DK country returns
-ran out for muscle ointment and ice cream
-watched 10 minutes of an old Japanese movie
-read nap time stories and snuggled
-read bedtime Calvin and Hobbes
-picked up picked up picked up toys
-made my bed
-used my exasperated, what-were-you-thinking voice

Things I DIDN’T do today:
-answered anybody’s texts or emails
-turn one page in the novel I’m reading
-dishes (thanks to grandma!)
-my makeup
-get actual quiet time during quiet hour

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