DPP :: twelve

It is ridiculously nice outside today.  Like short-sleeve-kind of nice.  And so continues my it-cant-really-be-Christmas-yet alternate state of existence (read: change of Christmas scenery in seaside climate Japan).

My friend Mandy gave me a gift today, just because.  I wrote several times of my favorite coffee spot here in Shiz., which sadly closed its doors in September.  It reminded me of Panera.  Which reminded me of home.  Which made me feel comfortable and happy during my Wednesday afternoons away.  But NOW, thanks to Mandy, I can have some jo in an Excelsior mug any time I want!


After my LONG day of Christmas fun and Japanese conversation yesterday (party with moms PLUS having a neighbor over in the evening — it was fun but long!), I am chillin on the good ole veranda this naptime with a homemade pumpkin spice latte in my new mug. 🙂  (which is a little blurry in this pic.. oops!)


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